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At present our main function is education, this we achieve mainly with our free flying team - a team of non-releasable wild disabled birds as well as a few captive bred birds, all part of our "gene bank" that will at a later stage go into breeding aviaries. Education must be fun and we believe our "edu-tainment" program gets the message across to the visitors at the centres as well as the schools and outside venues we visit. At present we visit on average twenty schools per month - that is an outreach to roughly 5000 kids. The two centres edu-tain about 10 000 visitors per month. When time allows we will be offering a number of different specialized courses designed to cover topics from identification of raptors to rehabilitation of birds of prey Debs heads up the Educational Team. She is a qualified school teacher with an added qualification of being an accredited Human Resource Manpower Development Officer with various 'Train the Trainer' courses tucked under her belt. Glodel has also established a Mission School in Vrede and is at present the Principal/Owner of this growing establishment.

South African National Bird of prey centre

- Program for schools

How can the SANBPC program enhance environmental education at your school?
Edutainment has now become a crucial part of the holistic education in many schools today. We are slowly realizing that our precious resources are indeed very limited, and that an awareness about conservation is imperative for our future survival. How better to illustrate this point to the students of the 21st century than to fly a Peregrine falcon or Spotted eagle owl.

The program is presented by a committed and professional staff that captivate and entertain the group.
The birds used are wild non releasable that are flown at the school in a safe setting consisting of a gymnasium or on the field.
The species represented are Owls, Falcons, Buzzards, Kites, Kestrels and Eagles.

During our presentation the students learn the following:-
*The role of Raptors in our Eco-system.
* How to assist when finding an injured Bird of Prey.
* The current laws protecting these Birds
* Basic identification.
* How the pupils can personally help Birds of Prey.
After the presentation, the pupils have an opportunity to see these birds up close and interact with the Handler and ask countless questions.

A handout is given to the children and an in -house activities list is given to the Teachers to follow up on the experience in their own time back in the classroom.
What do the schools need to provide?
*An eager audience
*A completed Booking Form online or faxed to 0589131816

CORPORATE PRESENTATIONS "Survival of the Fittest" Glodel has developed a power point live multi media presentation which focuses on the natural codes of behavior of the Eagle and Cheetah which best illustrates business scenarios for successful Teambuilding exercises for the Corporates. This presentation has been delivered to a number of large companies in South Africa and overseas.For further information please contact Debs directly on 0835859540

One Day Experiences.

The Centre offers one day experiences for individuals and groups with both the Cheetah and a variety of Raptors. Phone the Centre for more detail- truly a life changing opportunity to get up close and personal.
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